Snodgrass Road – iO2 Rectangle over Benchtop

iO2 Rectangle

The iO2 Rectangle – Stunning over dining tables, benchtops and bars

iO2 - Limitless For the slinky slimline look

Introducing the iO Nimbus

Introducing the iO Nimbus. And set of three the Cumulonimbus. She is the latest member of our iO family. This is a fairly large piece, at just over 1200mm long by 700mm wide and 400mm high. iO nimbus work well over dining tables, entrance ways and commercial foyers either alone or in groups. Now available.

Bathroom lighting

iO pendants are so versatile. Here a cheeky little pendant is used to set off the bathroom vanity unit and light up an otherwise dark corner with soft ambience. Our lighting is so versatile it can be used anywhere both in commercial and residential settings. Check out our sizing options. 

Sassy Office Workspaces with the iO2 Square

Office workspaces can be tricky to get right. Businesslike and yet contemporary and informal. Boffa Miskell chose an iO2 Squared light to set off this meeting space. 

Black Tip Pendants More Popular Than Ever

Whether it’s the iO or the iO2, the black tipped fin options seem to be more popular than ever. The black tips add another dimension to the pendants and create a contemporary and slick look to a commercial or residential setting. 

Dining and drinks bar lighting – the versatile iO Flute

The iO flutes make a great ensemble above a long feature such as a bar or a dining table. Ideal as both commercial and residential features. 

iO2 Range Limitless in Length – Check out the 2.5 metre long pendant

Our longest of the iO2 limitless range so far has been 2.5 metres. Here you can see it carefully being constructed and see the finished product in situ in a beautiful lakeside home in the South Island. 

iO2 – Our new range is available now

the iO 900

Introducing our biggest pendant yet – the iO 900 is designed for those Big Spaces!”