iO Phoebus


iO Phoebus is a stunning addition to our range. At 1.2m wide and 20cm high, Phoebus will be a striking piece in your chosen setting. Named after Saturn’s largest ring, we think Phoebus will bring some galactic awe to your space.


Phoebus comes complete with a double-facing LED ring luminaire, driver, cord, 5 steel-wire suspension set with ceiling anchors, and a base diffuser as standard. The dimmable LED ring makes Phoebus perfect for both task lighting and feature ambient applications.

The Phoebus LED ring comes in one of three temperature options:

  • 2700 K – Extra warm. Similar to old incandescent bulbs. Perfect for bringing ambiance to your space.
  • 3000 K – Soft white. Bright but not harsh. Perfect for task lighting in kitchens, workstations, entry ways.
  • 4000 K – Cool white. A more energising light suitable for office and commercial spaces.


Outer diameter – 1200mm , Inner diameter – 1030mm , Height – 200mm