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iO: The fourth moon of Jupiter
In Greek mythology, iO was the priestess who led Zeus astray with her beauty. Jupiter’s fourth moon is her
namesake, a constant companion giving light. The twin themes of beauty and light are the inspiration behind
this unique lighting range.
iO pendant lights will bring simple, calm beauty to your home or commercial space, emitting a warm glow while
adding substance as a finely crafted object. Conceived in 2014 by Tauranga-based designer Mat Macmillan,
iO lights are made using premium New Zealand plywood, sourced from locally grown trees, iO is a thoroughly sustainable New Zealand product.

Made for you
iO pendant lights are crafted in our workshop in Tauranga. Each one is created by hand using natural materials and is
therefore unique. Stunning alone, or grouped into clusters for impact. Create your own design mix from the
wide variety of standard sizes – or talk to us about a custom size to suit your particular space.

All pendant lights are available in black or natural edge finish.

iO Drum Pendants

The twin themes of beauty and light are the inspiration behind this unique range.

iO drums come in many sizes,  suitable for any setting, from large commercial to small residential spaces. They are often featured in living rooms, bedrooms, stairwells, and foyers.

iO Long Pendants

iO Long Pendant Lights are inspired by Greek mythology. iO was the priestess who led Zeus astray with her beauty.

Our iO Long Pendant Lights are often hung in clusters or rows and are ideal for commercial and residential spaces. They are often featured in kitchens, dining rooms, bars, restaurants, shop fit-outs, stairwells, and foyers. The iO Long Pendant Lights start from small flute sizes right up to wide and long feature lights. They can also be custom-made at any length.


Our iO²  Pendant Lights are the squared development of the original iO lighting range. All of iO’s beauty remains, but with a new angle on things, giving a different effect and feel while increasing versatility.

The iO²  Pendant Lights have become extremely popular over dining room tables, kitchen workbenches, and are often used in a commercial setting, over the bar of restaurants, cafes and pubs.

The interlocking sections of the iO²  Pendant Lights allow almost limitless size variations. There are six standard sizes that will suit an array of situations. Custom sizes can be made on request.


iO Phoebus is a stunning addition to our range. At 1.2m wide and 20cm high, Phoebus will be a striking piece in your chosen setting. Named after Saturn’s largest ring, we think Phoebus will bring some galactic awe to your space.



Outer diameter – 1200mm , Inner diameter – 1030mm , Height – 200mm


The unique shape of the iO Nimbus Pendant Light is a visualisation of the creative journey described by the psychologist CG Jung; all things we can conceive of exist as potential in the realm of consciousness. In order to bring the potential into reality, we must commit to action and experience the narrow path of existence. This is akin to the process of birth. On arrival, there is a new and larger space of potential where all is possible again.

iO Nimbus Pendant Lights look great above dining room tables and in commercial settings. They are large and a real sculpture-like feature.

Create your own sculptural effect with a set of three Nimbus – the Cumulonimbus.



Nimbus – 1200mm long, 700mm wide, 400mm high

‘Cumulonimbus’ – A set of three Nimbus shades displayed together for an impressive effect


The latest of the iO range. In Egyptian mythology, Horus is a Falcon-God whose eye was damaged in a feud, the Eye of Horus is a well-known symbol representing protection, healing, and restoration – fitting themes for our time. Our new pendant shade, iO Horus is now available to order!

The ends of the shade do not actually meet and our Shoji-paper diffuser wraps instead around a half tube of clear polycarbonate, allowing the light to flow with no shadow cast. At the same time, the fins extend beyond the diffuser adding visual interest and giving an eye-like appearance. You’ll notice that the two sides are slightly offset too, which adds a dynamic asymmetry to the design.



1670mm long, 480mm wide, 300mm or 400mm high

iO Floor and Table Lamps

The iO range’s humble beginnings. The iO Floor and Table Lamps were the first product conceptualised and developed by designer Mat Macmillan.

iO Floor and Table Lamps come in various shapes and sizes, suiting a range of spaces, from bedside tables to large living areas and office spaces.