The iO Story

In Greek mythology, Io was the priestess who led Zeus astray with her beauty. Jupiter’s fourth moon, a constant companion giving light, is her namesake. The twin themes of beauty and light are the inspiration behind this unique range.

The iO lighting range was conceived in late 2013. I was influenced by the work of NZ artist Jeff Thompson and his use of basic materials to create beautiful forms, I decided to experiment with plywood.

At the same time I was interested by the apparent gulf opening up between traditional craft-skills and new digitally based production methods. This led me to design a product that played at the boarders between human and digital fabrication.

The result is a product that is timeless – It’s apparently simple form and precise detailing obscuring the skill and challenges involved in its fabrication.

iO lights bring a simple, calm beauty to any setting, emitting a warm glow while adding substance as a beautifully designed object. Made using premium NZ ply sourced from locally grown trees, iO is a thoroughly sustainable New Zealand product.

Our lights are crafted in our small rural workshop near Tauranga. Each one is created by hand using natural materials. Stunning alone, or grouped into clusters for impact. You can choose from a variety of standard sizes – or talk to us about a custom size to suit your particular space.